Saturday, October 07, 2006

SEZ will come up only on non- fertile land

SEZ will come up only on non- fertile land

Special Correspondent

Puducherry: Chief Minister N. Rangasamy told reporters at the Chief
Secretariat on the sidelines of inauguration of video conferencing
facility here on Wednesday that the administration had acquired 800
acres of land for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) sanctioned by the Centre.

He said the land acquired for the project was not fertile but was rain
fed and care was taken that fertile land was not used for the SEZ (in
keeping with the directives the AICC leader Sonia Gandhi at the recent
conclave of the Congress ruled State Chief Ministers at Nainital).
Education Minister M.O.H.F. Shahjahan said that very soon IT related
projects would be launched in Mahe region where the officials were asked
to locate the site.

He also said that once land was available he would be able to identify
the investors for the projects.


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