Monday, February 05, 2007

Vaghela against lifting prohibition in Gujarat SEZs


AHMEDABAD: Union textiles minister Shankarsinh Vaghela has written to
the state’s corporate biggies, asking them to protest against the
Gujarat government’s proposal to relax prohibition in SEZs.

Vaghela, who is on a 52-hour fast from Tuesday to protest against the
government’s proposal, said, “I have asked industrial houses, including
the Torrent Group, Essar Group and Nirma to stand up against the
government. Considering the industrial houses have a social
responsibility, they need to have an opinion on the issue.” The
corporates need to rethink and put their point across the government, he

Vaghela added that by relaxing prohibition in SEZs, the state government
will carry out a ‘pilot project’ thereby, testing waters before relaxing
prohibition across the state. “Eventually, the government will invite
brewers to set up their plants in the state. Will this be acceptable to
the people here?” he said.

“I see no reason for the government’s proposal mooted under the garb of
attracting foreign investors to the state considering the fact that
prohibition never deterred investments in the state,” he said. Vaghela
said the Congress will take this issue to the people during the
forthcoming assembly polls expected in late 2007. “There is a need to
mobilise public opinion against this move of the government,” he said.


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