Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reliance gets huge response to Mumbai SEZ package

PTI[ SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007 12:30:26 PM]

MUMBAI: The rehabilitation package announced by the Reliance
Industries-promoted Mumbai Special Economic Zone (MSEZ), has received a
huge response with several farmers turning up to sell their land, a
company spokesperson said.

Reliance is building a special economic zone in Raigad district adjacent
to Mumbai, which had earlier met with stiff resistance from farmers in
places like Uran, Panvel and Pen.

However, a highly tempting economic package for the Project Affected
Persons (PAP) offered by the company seems to have done the trick and
farmers are reportedly vying to offer their land, the spokesperson said
without revealing the exact number of farmers who have sold their land.

As per the package announced by the company, PAPs are to get Rs 10 lakh
per acre of land surrendered, a job for a nominated member of each
project affected family and return of 12.5 per cent land developed by
the company.

The company has also given an option of Rs 5,000 per month for a
lifetime besides an offer to give training to youth of PAP families in
different technical courses.

The offer by the company was tempting as the annual income from
agriculture for most of the farmers was not much, as per a survey
carried out in the region. This could also be an important reason for
them to opt for the company's package despite alleged pressure from
certain elements against selling the land.

The spokesperson said that the villagers are, however, insisting on
entering into land deals directly with the company as they did not want
any middlemen to come into the picture.


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